David Beckham and His Beautiful Family of Dogs

David Beckham and His Beautiful Family of Dogs

David Beckham

David Beckham is known for being a family guy. He likes to spend time with his wife and kids. Other times, he enjoys it with his pets. The Beckhams actually have quite the number of four dogs, which they adore and pamper.

Let’s take a look at the Beckham pooches and how much love they get from the former Real Madrid and LA Galaxy forward, his wife, and kids.

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The Dogs at the Beckhams

Over two years ago, David and Victoria introduced a new member to the family. A gorgeous Cocker Spaniel named Olive. Actually, it was their eldest son Brooklyn who first made the announcement, followed by mom Victoria.

They were pretty excited and we believe that they continue to be. Coco, a Bulldog, is also cherished by his celeb dad. Victoria usually posts pictures of David Beckham cuddling with Coco. Let’s not forget about the other Bulldog and Coco’s sister, Scarlet.

Barnaby was introduced to the world in 2013 when Victoria shared a picture of the Sharpei. This beautiful wrinkled one was received by his siblings with much joy.

Olive Beckham

Olive Has More Followers Than You

But the star of the canine family is definitively Olive. The find her so cute that her family thought she deserved her own Instagram account. We guess that this step was an obvious one given that the Beckhams are fashion icons themselves.

Now, the Beckhams themselves have taken over social media with millions of followers. Probably with more fans adding every day.

When Brooklyn created an Instagram account for Olive, within hours, the account had reached more than 30,000 followers!  Not bad for having four legs and no idea what your Instagram password is.

To this day, the account has more than 72,000 followers with only six posts. Maybe in the future, we see Olive Beckham rise to stardom and make their parents proud.

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