Declawing cats: should you do it? Let’s find out!

Declawing cats: should you do it? Let's find out!

Declawing cats

Many people believe that declawing cats is a safe alternative to prevent furniture scratching and other problems related to sharp claws. What they do not realize is that this practice is not really humane. Cats whose claws have been removed will actually have behavioral issues that will, in the long run, be harmful to both you and the pet.

On the other hand, sometimes declawing a cat obeys to an injured claw or a tumor. Other times it has to do with the exposure of owners with a condition to getting hurt by cats claws. Veterinarians will declaw a cat as a last resort or a better option to euthanizing or having the owner get rid of the cat.

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The Actual Procedure of Declawing Cats

There are several techniques to do this but all of them involve the same thing: completely removing the claw. But if you only remove the claw, it will grow again. To avoid this, you have to remove the tiny bone that the claw grows from.

The difference between the techniques used for declawing cats rests on the amount of claw that you remove. The less you remove, the better. If claws are removed with a sliding blade, you cut a straight line through the joint between the little bone and the next piece of bone.

Right underneath that is the pad, which you cut in half too. So, this is like cutting off the tip of your fingers. The cat will walk uncomfortably over severed pads.

There is a cosmetic declawing that does not touch the pads so the cat will not suffer the pain of having his pads cut.


If the only reason why you are considering declawing your cat is social issues – destroying furniture and property, but you do not want to have your cat suffer pain, there are alternatives.

  • Nail trimming: this is like cutting your nails. Start slow, maybe one nail at a time so that your cat realizes it is all right.
  • Scratching post: invest in a scratching post for your cat. He will naturally get rid of the pointy edges of his claws.

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