A Dog Cartoon a Day Keeps all Sadness Away

A Dog Cartoon a Day Keeps all Sadness Away

We are so fond of pets, that many times we wished they could talk back to us.  If only they could, we would probably be better buddies. This is why artists throughout try to exploit this generous love we have for dogs with a dog cartoon.

You can find a nice dog cartoon pretty much anywhere.  Many times, these cartoons are used to represent a funny situation or they are related to what a dog usually does.

For example, imagine a dog cartoon where two of them are playing “Scrabble”. Probably the only word that they would be building is “woof”.

A Funny Dog Cartoon

When we come walking out of an action movie, we are usually ecstatic about the chasing scenes.  Now picture a dog cartoon where two dogs are coming out of a movie called “The Mailman”.  The chasing sequences, we bet, would be their favorites.

In such way, normal dog behavior can be represented to represent really funny stuff.  Some concepts that are usually exploited are:

  • Dog´s tendency of marking territory.  There are so many funny cartoons where you can have a dog “mark territory”, like a sales territory in a selling company.
  • Dog’s tendency of marking hydrants.  Like this dog doctor who wants to collect a pee sample from his patient and brings in a hydrant to collect it.
  • Dog howling.  How about we put a microphone on this chap?
  • An electric fence is actually an invisible one.  Maybe a dog will start visiting the shrink to treat his “seeing things that are not there”

Dog Cartoon TV or Movies Characters

Many TV shows and movies have given dogs a soul to feel and talk.  There are so many anthropomorphic dogs out there on the small and big screen.  Despite given human abilities, most of this cartoon dogs still maintain some canine characteristics.

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