Dog-Friendly Hotels: our pets deserve premium service too

Dog-Friendly Hotels: our pets deserve premium service too

Dog-Friendly Hotels

If you have a pet at home and consider that pooch a part of your family, this means that he is, a part of the family. He definitively loves you back and is hoping to have the same privileges as humans. This includes going out on trips and finding dog-friendly hotels.

Next time you pick up a hotel, make the decision of bringing your pet with you. There are certain characteristics of a hotel that makes them dog-friendly. Make sure you review and agree to them.

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What Do a Dog-Friendly Hotels Offer?

Before planning your trip, check out if the hotel is dog-friendly. They usually point that out on their website. But if not, you might as well give them a call before booking. Once you find the perfect one, ask for what are the special accommodations for your pet.

Dog-Friendly Hotels provide dogs with the same accommodations as their owner. Of course, having dogs in a hotel probably brings about several questions. Like, how to handle him and how to keep him quiet, and those sort of things.

But you should not worry about that. Dog-friendly hotels pretty much know “what they’re getting themselves into.” If you are renting one room, this should include a warm and cozy bed for Rufus. They are expected to have recreational spots for dogs too.

The care and proper potty habits must be ingrained in your pet´s blood in order for him to know how to behave.

Advantages of  Dog-Friendly Hotels

We have several advantages of Dog-Friendly Hotels. For starters, you get to walk in and out with your pet and take him to explore town.

  • No stress on deciding where to leave Tinkerbell (the dog).
  • A nice treat for your dog.
  • Your dog gets to enjoy vacations with you instead of being stuck in the middle of nowhere…alone at home.

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