Dog Door: guide to getting your pet the best dog door

Dog Door: guide to getting your pet the best dog door

Dog Door

If you want to have your dog freely come in and out of the house whenever they want, a dog door is for you. You have two choices here.  ou could either buy yourself a nice and fancy dog door, or you could build one, which can also look nice and fancy.

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How to Build a Dog Door

If you want to save yourself some bank, maybe building a dog door is the best for you.  Follow these easy steps:

  1. Measure the size of your dog while he is standing on all fours. Give him an inch or two of clearance;
  2. Once you have the measurement, cut the dog door into your people door;
  3. Get rid of the sharp edges by sanding it. Paint the inside with the same color of your door;
  4. Install the flap, which ideally should be made of rubber. You could also use an old mud flap from a car. It works perfectly. Attach this rubber flap overtop on the hole on the inside. Make sure the door ends exactly where the hole ends. If the flap is bigger, your dog will not be able to go through it both ways;
  5. Secure your dog door by nailing some sheet metal on it when you are not at home.

To Consider When Buying a Dog Door

If you prefer to buy yourself a dog door, although this is more expensive, it is also more practical. Consider the following before purchasing.

  • The size of your dog;
  • Where you are installing the dog door. Some doors are made for sliding glass doors, other for walls made of brick or stucco. They also come in different materials, including plastic and aluminum;
  • If you are concerned about your dog leaving the house while you are away, you can purchase doors with an advanced entrance and exit technology;
  • If you live in a place that gets very cold, you might want to consider a door with multiple flaps to keep the cold from entering your home;
  • For those of us who are not too handy, you can get yourself an instant doggy door.  These are actually panels that you slip right on your sliding door’s track.

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