Roberto Cavalli and His Exclusive Line for Dogs

Roberto Cavalli and His Exclusive Line for Dogs

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is an Italian designer and inventor. He is dedicated to producing exotic prints, luxury clothing, leather accessories, and perfumes. Cavalli was born in Florence, Tuscany in 1940.

In 1970, he invented and patented a special printing procedure on leather. He is also the creator of the sandblasted look in jeans.

Roberto and his wife, Eva, have always been animal lovers. You can see this portrayed in Cavalli’s work. Roberto has five children: Tommaso and Christiana from his first marriage with Silvanella Giannoni, and Robert, Rachele, and Daniele from his second marriage with Eva Düringer.

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More Animals Than They Care to Count

Along with his wife, Eva, Roberto has a collection of pets. These animals include two adorable monkeys, three cats, seven parrots, one iguana, a lot of horses, and three dogs, a Saint Bernard and two bichons frises.

While presenting their fashion line for pets, Eva declared, “Who doesn’t love dogs? They’re reliable, faithful and caring. I could not imagine my house without them or our other animals. They’re true members of the family”.

Roberto Cavalli Pets

Speaking of loving dogs, the Roberto Cavalli house opened a fashion line of clothes for dogs. These are exclusive designs from an exclusive fashion house.

Me and Roberto have always loved animals small sized dogs in particular — [so] it came as a natural conclusion to bring a bit of our style to the canine universe,” Eva said when the line was presented.

This luxury collection includes t-shirts, jackets, tracksuits, and silk printed shorts, all emblazoned with the house’s initials.  “In my opinion, this is what dogs really need,” Eva said.

The truth is that we could not agree anymore.  If you think you love pets in the same way Roberto Cavalli and his wife do, then you should stay with us here in Dogalize.  We have plenty of resources that you can use to better care of your pet.  Visit us to learn more.