Thierry Henry and The Dog in the Picture

Thierry Henry and The Dog in the Picture

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry was a great footballer in his time. He is the Arsenal’s all-time record goalscorer as well as in the French national team. His final two seasons with Arsenal, he led the, as a captain, to the UEFA Champions League Final in 2006.

He also won the FIFA World Cup with France in 1998. After the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Thierry Henry retired from football.

There are way more achievements to mention from this great footballer. But one thing that not many people know is if he has a dog or not. Have you seen him with a dog or have you ever heard of it? If he does, he seems to have that piece of information in the greatest of secrecy.

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Thierry Henry and the Picture with a Dog

So there is a cute picture of Thierry Henry walking a dog. The shot is from 2015, several months after he officially announced his retirement from professional football. It is a photo of his character in a movie.

The shot is from his debut in a film. Ok, not his debut but his only appearance in television, besides the Renault Clio commercials, of course. Henry made a cameo on the movie Entourage. Back in 2015, it was said that he would make his first steps in television.

It seems like he did not really make a good impression or he did not really enjoy the acting thing because we have not seen him featured in a film or show again. But acting has never been a career dream for Henry. His dream, as he confessed in 2014, would be to coach Arsenal.

But going back to the movie, Henry appears walking a dog during his scene.

Does Thierry Henry Own a Dog?

Apparently, not. There is not a known dog belonging to Henry. Now, this does not mean that he hates them (because, who does?!).  The man is probably too busy at the moment to make some time to take care of a dog. Sorry, fans.

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