Zoomer dog: an electronic best friend 4 ever

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Zoomer dog

You have probably heard about them but do not know much about them. What is a zoomer dog exactly?  How does he work? Will he run at you and lick your face like Fido does? Let us take a look at what this toy is all about.

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A Little History

Zoomer robot dog, or simply Zoomer dog, is a voice-activated toy create by SpinMaster.  The original Zoomer pooch is a Dalmatian, unveiled at the major toys fair in 2013.

Since then, the toy has been a hit among boys and girls. Being a Dalmatian, the first dogs were all black and white. But eventually, Purple Zoomer, Sporty Zoomer, and a pink version for girls named Zoomie, came along.

Why a Zoomer Dog?

Zoomer was created for kids 5+ that are not ready for adoption yet and we think this is genius. Besides this, the dog comes with the joy of a new pup but without the feeding and the poop scooping.

Other benefits include not having to check on a vaccine schedule, running to the veterinarian, or having to conceal your food from him to avoid a remorse spell. There is no more worrying about him eating your food while you are not looking.

This robot dog can also be educational to kids. The voice-activated toy understands when you talk to him in English, Spanish, and French. This could be a nice language-learning experience. Kids can also teach the dogs some tricks.

The Zoomer dog: an electronic best friend

Zoomer Dog Features

Some other cool features of Zoomer include:

  • It can learn over 60 tricks.
  • The more a child plays with it, the more he learns.
  • He wags his tail like a real dog.
  • Sensors on his chest allow him to know where things are.
  • He reacts to tummy tickling, and actually seems to love it!
  • He can easily walk on hard floors and carpets.
  • There is an app available to help training Zoomer.

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