Lab dog: 5 Cool Facts You Did Not Know About this dog

Lab dog: 5 Cool Facts You Did Not Know About this dog

Lab dog

We have shared important facts about the Labrador retriever, including training and personality. But then we feel like we have not really paid proper tribute to this amazing breed of dog. So we are back with a list of 5 cool facts about the lab dog.

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They are original from Newfoundland, not Labrador

The lab dog originated in the early 1800s as a smaller version of the Newfoundland. Fishermen required a dog that could retrieve fish who fell off the net and fish hook. This dog needed to be a good swimmer, with stamina, and with legs strong enough to catapult themselves into the water. Since the name “Newfoundland” was already taken, they were named after the Labrador Sea, which is where they worked.

The lab dog is basically water resistant

These dogs are engineered to be water-friendly:

  • Webbed toes
  • Rubber-like tail
  • Layered oily coat
  • Double coat

The outer layer of this coat is pretty dense. But the underlayer is the one that makes the trick. It keeps the water away by using its natural oils to repel it, making the coat essentially waterproof. In other words, when the lab is in the water, his skin does not get wet!

Chocolate, black, and yellow can come in the same litter

Pretty much like you can have human kids with different skin tones, you can find a rainbow of these colors for the lab dog. Coat coloration is a genetic trait that shows variation within members of the same litter.

But these colors are not the only ones present in Labrador Retrievers

Even though most kennels do not accept the silver coat color, it actually happens in some dogs. They are not allowed to compete in contests as purebreds, but for they are actually a beautiful addition to the family.

Another unusual color for the lab dog is fox red. This is technically not a new color, though but a very dark version of yellow.

The majority of guide dogs are Labrador Retrievers

About 70% of the guide dogs in Guide Dogs of America are lab dogs. They have simply been the most successful at guiding.

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