Andy Murray and his Love for pets and tennis

Andy Murray and his Love for Pets

Andy Murray

Are your four-legged, wag your tail, lots of hair, and are a published author? Ok, we probably had you at the first one. But this properly describes one of the dogs owned by Andy Murray, no.20 world’s tennis player.

A Little Bit About Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a British professional tennis player born in Scotland on May 15, 1987. He has won the Grand Slam for three times and a two-time Olympic champion.

One remarkable milestone for Sir. Murray is that he defeated Novak Djokovic in 2012 in the US Open Final to become the first British to win the competition since 1977. He was also the first British man to win a Grand Slam singles tournament since 1937.

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Gotta Love Pets

But what we think is pretty remarkable about Andy is his undying love for pets. The Wimbledon champion is the proud owner of two Border Terrier named Rusty and Maggie May.

Andy Murray has confessed in the past how gloomy his life would be it not for his two pooches. Back in 2016, in an interview he offered to, he said that “To say we love having them would be an understatement. Honestly, I can’t imagine our lives without them.

But even more powerful than the bonds of companionship between the dogs and
Kim (wife) and me, I think, are the bonds that Rusty and Maggie have with each

That same year Murray announced that he was investing in a new product to track down dogs.  This product he invested part of his fortune on is called Dog Tracker Nano.

A Published Author

In June 2016, year that really turned to be exciting for the Murrays, pets included, Maggie May, one of the Murrays dogs published a book titled “How to Treat your Human“. Penned by Andy’s wife, Kim, the book was published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books.

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