Cat Costume: do it yourself and look awesome

Cat Costume: do it yourself and look awesome

Cat Costume

Halloween is nowhere near us but that is actually a good thing for now. On our last post about cat costumes, we mentioned some ideas on getting one from the store. But not always can you get yourself a fancy cat costume from the store.

When the cloud is empty and the pockets are shallow, this is when you need to make use of your imagination and take advantage of the resources you have, as limited as they might be. Now, let´s take a look at some DIY ideas to make your own cat costume.

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The Makeup

Probably the first thing you need to figure out is the cat makeup. You have to bring out the eyes the nose, the mouth, and the whiskers. This is usually the most fun part. Even if you are a guy, you will still need makeup on your face to make those cat expression more vivid. Always make sure you use enough makeup to fill in the dark spot on the tip of the nose, plus the other areas that need to be darkened.

The Ears

You do not need to run to the store to get yourself a nice pair of cat ears. You can get an inexpensive diadem or coronet. Cut the shape of your ears out of black sturdy paper or cardboard. Stick those to the diadem, put it on and you got yourself a pair of inexpensive cat ears. As an alternative, you can still use a hair band. Just make sure that the ears do not fall off the band due to the constant stretching and relaxing.

The Costume

Now, the dress to impress. Most of the time, when people, they usually go for a black one. This is probably because it is the easiest one. So, if you do not want to get too intense with the design, a black shirt and pants should do pretty well.

It is another story if you want to represent Hello Kitty or any other tabby.

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