Cat Scratching Post: how to choose the best

Cat Scratching Post: how to choose the best

Cat Scratching Post

Unless you want to see scratches on your furniture, you are better off getting a cat scratching post for your feline companion. But selecting the best one can sometimes be pretty frustrating. You can wind up buying several posts just to see your cat walk away from each one every time.

The worst part is that he will probably just go to his favorite “scratching post”-you know what that is. So maybe the first thing you need to do is start thinking about your cat instead of yourself because it might be pretty for you but not for your cat. But how do you get inside the mind of your cat? Let’s take a look.

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They Like Sturdy Cat Scratching Posts

Usually, cats will go for a very sturdy cat scratching post. Why do you think your cat loves your couch? It doesn’t move. If a scratching post wobbles, then your cat is not going to use it. Also, to your cat a wobbly post is unsafe, so he is better off without using it. If your cat were to fall off an unstable post, you can be sure he won’t try again.

The Best Material for a Cat Scratching Post

You will find that there is a ridiculously large amount of materials available for scratch posts. Most of these designed to appeal humans and not cats.

  • Try to avoid posts that have carpet, especially if it is similar to the one you have at home. The cat will not understand why is it ok to scratch the same carpet in one place but not the other;
  • Cats prefer a sturdy material that will shred under their claws. This is basically because cats like to mark their territory with long shredding marks;
  • Sisal fabric is probably your best choice.  It is sturdy, it shreds, and cats love it.

Whenever you are looking for a cat scratching post, make sure you decide based on what your cat likes, otherwise it will sit unused. In Dogalize we have many other tips and tricks and useful information to help you take care of your cat. Visit us to learn more.