Cat Tail: some fun facts about the cat tail

Cat Tail: some fun facts about the cat tail

Cat Tail

Ah, if only cats could talk. Do you imagine all the things they would tell us about how their day went? Cats communicate in several ways, one of them being purring or meowing. They also use their cat tail to communicate with us.

As responsible cat owners, we should be able to identify what is our cat trying to tell us when it wags his tail in a certain way.

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The Tail Position

A high tail positioned straight up means that the cat actually wants to be friends. Is their way of saying, “hey, w’zup?”.  As funny as it is, a straight up tail means pretty much the opposite for dogs. We all know what happens when these two get together because they don’t speak the same language. Confident felines have their cat tail straight up, with the tip slightly bent to indicate that they are interested in interacting.

Wagging Cat Tail

A wagging tail would be the opposite of the above. This usually means “back off”. Right when the cat starts stomping the floor with the tail, he is saying that he is ready to fight.

A vigorously moving tail may indicate a strong emotion – anger, fear, or excitement. Then again, to a dog, the tail wagging is an invitation to play, which is pretty much the opposite of what the cat wants.

Bristled Cat Tail

You probably know this one, but fur standing all over the body is a sign of excitement. If the tail is bristled and standing upright or behind the cat is a sign of aggression.

When the cat places his tail between his legs, it is an indication of fear. Then he will hiss and growl a lot. But this does not mean that it will not defend itself if attacked.

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