Dog Wheelchair: things to consider when looking for it

Dog Wheelchair: things to consider when looking for it

Dog Wheelchair

If your pooch has an illness or has injured his legs, a proper dog wheelchair can help him move around with very little help. It is important that, just like with humans, this apparatus is comfortable and helps make the dog more independent.

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The Type of Disability

There is a long list of issues that will require your dog to use a dog wheelchair. Usually, they need one when their hind legs cannot move easily or not at all. But then, they still need to move around and have the needed exercise.

The type of wheelchair your dog needs will largely depend on the type of disability. If your pet has amputated front legs or chest disease, he will need a wheelchair harness for front legs. If the hind legs are weak or amputated, he will need a rear dog wheelchair.

The Size of a Dog Wheelchair

The next thing to consider is the size of the dog. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to that. You will have to measure your dog to determine what size is the best fit for your pet.

If the harness wheelchair is not appropriate for your dog, it will cause him more discomfort than good.  Besides this, it can make your pet look silly.

It is also important to consider the weight of your pet, to make sure it can adequately stand his weight.  You just need to make some research and you will surely find the proper size for your pooch.

Purchase or Rented?

If your dog is recovering from a surgery or from a temporary lesion, you will probably not want to make the expense of a wheelchair. You might want to consider renting one. It makes more sense to purchase one if the damage or injury to your dog is permanent.

New or Used

Getting a good wheelchair can be costly. If you are not too excited about getting a new chair, you might want to get a used one. Do consider that this business is risky as you will not get the same quality and guarantee as with a new one.

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