Neymar Jr. and his love for his beautiful dogs

Neymar Jr. and his love for his beautiful dogs


What is there not to love about dogs? Football star, Neymar, otherwise known as Neymar Jr. has a lot of puppy love. We know that he is the owner of three golden retrievers. He has posted pictures of them on his Instagram account where he shows that he has nothing but love for them.

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A Bit about Neymar

As you probably already know, Neymar is one of the world’s top players. He is presently the forward for Paris Saint Germain and the Brazilian national team. He was transferred from Barcelona and presently is the most expensive player in the world.

At this moment, Neymar is injured and wearing a cast on his right foot. He will hopefully be back on the pitch by the time the Fifa World Cup kicks off in January. We are sure that besides the love he might get from Bruna Marquezine, his girlfriend, he also gets much love from his three Golds.

A Bit about the Dogs

There is not much known about the dogs since Neymar (or Bruna) keep much of them by themselves. What we know is that they are the delight of the Brazilian star. They obviously moved along with him when he had to change his residence from Barcelona to Paris.

The names of the Golden Retrieves are Poker, Truco, and Flush. The oldest one of them is Poker, who has been with the forward for several years now.

In January last year, he introduced to us his two new pups, Truco and Flush, who went in to join his family. The footballer really enjoys playtime with his dogs. There is actually a YouTube video from 2015 showing him playing with Poker.

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