Robbie Williams and his love for his late dog

Robbie Williams and his love for his late dog

Robbie Williams

It is always tough to lose a family member. When this family member is a faithful one, who was always there by your side, it is especially hard. Robbie Williams went through this hardship back in 2015 when he lost his beloved Spencer.

Robbie Williams and Dogs

Those who are fans of Robbie Williams, and even those who are, know that he is not one to make things normal. When it comes to pup love, he is no exception. But his wife seems to take parts with him on his madness.

Robbie and his wife, Ayda Field, are very close with their dogs. They are the center of their lives and they are always sharing stories about them. For instance, back in Januar 2017, Ayda admitted that sometimes their dogs watch them while she is having sex with her husband.

But then, those who follow Robbie’s every move, also know that for their wedding, their bridesmaids were not human. That is correct. Dogs. Their house has stairs especially built for their pooches.

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Immortal Dogs

But the eccentrics with dogs does not end there. He immortalizes them through portraits. This has seen his German Shepherd, Rudy, as Pope Innocent X. His newest dog, Betty Bear, is featured in a mock-Renoir portrait.

The Story of Spencer

Spencer was a dog who had been with Ayda Field since 2004. Robbie grew fond of him of course. This pet will join him on tours and events and people seemed to love him. But in 2015, Robbie Williams tweeted how devastated he was at the news that Spencer had passed away.

“Sad news guys, today we lost Spencer. Heartbroken and shocked. We love and miss you so much Spencer x”, the Take That star tweeted.

He then made a tribute video to the life of Spencer and dedicated a remake of Frank Sinatra’s “I Did It My Way.

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