Camille Lacourt and his Love for Animals

Camille Lacourt and his Love for Animals

Camille Lacourt

Camille Lacourt, the former French competitive swimmer is not only good-looking and a great swimmer. He has also shown us his love for animals. During his active career, Camille, who specializes in back-to-back races (50 o 100 m), has won several awards.

The former swimmer has been married since 2013 with gorgeous Valérie Bègue, Miss France 2008. They have a child together named Jazz, born October 20, 2012.

Camille Lacourt featured in a commercial for Edison Energy and the Strioli spot in 2014. He has had a story of controversy due to thoughtless remarks. But we will not be focusing on that this time. Instead, we will mention that Camille is very well-known for his passion towards animals, which have actually helped him cement himself as one with a loving soul.

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The Sincere Love of the Swimmer for Animals

The truth is that this love for animals is not a new thing for Lacourt. In several occasions, the medallist swimmer has expressed his genuine concern and love for the furry ones. He has repeatedly stated his soft spot for the well-being of animals, especially dogs.

Case in point is the several charities that the swimmer has participated in; all of them oriented towards defending the innocent who cannot do it by themselves. He was always very vocal about the topic, even during every sports exhibition.

In Defense of our Four-legged Friend

The former champion swimmer has actively participated in initiatives to defend dogs and their right, always standing on the forefront.

A few years ago, Camille Lacourt visited a veterinary clinic in Porta Venetia, an avant-garde center for dogs created by three women: Alessia Fedrigoni, Silvia Maria Repetto and Chiara Caruso. During his visit, he became friends with pretty much all the dogs. It was an exciting journey!

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