Canidae Dog Food – What You Need to Know

Canidae Dog Food - What You Need to Know

Canidae Dog Food

Every time we hear about a brand of dog food hitting the shelves we like to make a review ourselves. Canidae dog food is elaborated by said company who specializes in making food for pets.

The formulas in all the brand of Canidae dog food are all grain-free with fresh ingredients grown in their own farms. So they can guarantee the quality of their produce as it is grown by themselves. Canidae produces three distinct brands of dog food which you can select depending on your dog.

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Limited Ingredient Diet

If your dog is sensitive to certain ingredients or too many of them, this could be a choice. This product contains 7-10 key ingredients to make a great diet for your dog.

Canidae dog food Limited Ingredient Diet comes in ten distinct presentations that vary in the type of meat (bison, salmon, lamb, duck, wild boar, and chicken). There are also formulas for puppies, dogs, adult dogs, and senior dogs.

Small Breeds

Due to their size, small dog breeds have a need for a different diet than bigger dogs. With this in mind, there is a Canidae dog food for small sensitive dogs. The formula for small dogs includes versions with lamb, salmon, and chicken

Being a sub-version of the limited ingredient diet, it has 5 key ingredients plus vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Under the Sun

These formulas focus on vegetables along with the variations of meat mentioned before.  The company states that the vegetables used provide a nutritious and healthy meal for your pooch.

This brand comes in a variety of formulas specifically designed for puppies, small breeds, adult dogs, and senior dogs.

For All Types of Dogs

Considering that there are families who generously have adopted a variety of dogs at home, there is a Canidae dog food that suits every dog. This option is very convenient and budget-friendly.

The All Life Stages uses premium ingredients suitable for all breeds of dogs without special needs.

It is nice to treat your dog with high-quality food. In Dogalize, we do recommend you to ask your veterinarian before changing your dog’s food, just in case there is a special need that might not be met. Don’t forget to visit us and check out all the amazing resources we have for you and your pooch.