Cat and Dog: The Eternal and Legendary Feud

Cat and Dog: The Eternal and Legendary Feud

Cat and Dog

When we think of the cat and dog relationship, we usually think of one of antagonism. This is a response to their natural instincts in general. However, individual members can show no aggressiveness, especially if they have been socialized by humans.

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Types of Relationships

The main issue with the cat and dog relationship is the fact that they use different signals and behaviors to communicate something. This can lead to signals of aggression, dominance, fear, friendship or territoriality.

It is within a dog’s instinct to prey on anything smaller than them that moves. Most cats flee from a dog while others hiss, arch their back, and swipe at the dog. If a dog gets scratched by a cat, he might develop a fear of cats. If properly socialized, the cat and dog relationship does not have to be antagonistic. As a matter of fact, if a dog has been raised with a cat, he might prefer the presence of cats instead of other dogs.

How Different are Cats and Dogs?

Cats and dogs are different in many ways. But it is their behavioral differences that make them act antagonistically.

  • Dogs are more social animals than a cat. A dog is a pack animal and loves company. On the other hand, a cat loves to spend time alone.
  • Dogs are more dependent on humans than cats, whereas cats can fend for themselves better than their canine foes.
  • Dogs are about giving and cats are about receiving. A dog will show his affection by wagging his tail and even their entire body. A cat shows affection by allowing you to scratch his ears.
  • A cat is good if you smooch him a lot. A dog will smooch you.
  • If you wake your dog, he will be happy you did. A cat will pretend to be asleep even if you try to wake him.

So this is how it is with a cat and dog. Their instinct is to antagonize due to different general personalities but if socialized early, they can come around pretty fine. Check out all the resources we have in Dogalize for cats and dogs. We have amazing tips, tricks, and information for you to check out.