Cat Meow Sounds and What They Mean

Cat Meow Sounds and What They Mean

Cat Meow

You probably have not noticed it but cats only meow to people and not to each other. So there is no “pack call” in a cat meow. This is their way of communicating with us. As a responsible owner, you should know what your cat is trying to tell you when he meows.

There are several cat meow sounds and each one indicates something different. Let’s take a look at what they mean.

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The Growling Cat Meow Sound

Growling is more like a dog thing but cats have their own version of the menacing sound. This type of meow is not a happy one unless he is playing wrestling. If you hear your cat make this “grrrow” sound while eating, he might be feeling stressed about another cat trying to approach his cat food.

A Loud and Incessant Meow, Meoooww!

In other words, “feed me, human, I’m hungry!“. This sound is an indicator of cat’s impatience and hunger. You will also hear this sound when your cat is trying to get you to do something else, especially if you are not listening. The longer you ignore it, the louder and more persistent it gets.

The Chirp, Meh! or Eh!

This sounds more like a greeting or “good morning” sound. Cats doing this one are usually in search of some attention or just have a conversation with you.

The Moan: Owwww

Cats make this noise when they have a sock, a ball of yarn, a plush mouse, or anything that feels like prey in their mouth. So it sounds like a muffled “Owwwwww, Mowwww”.  They’re showing off that they caught it and want their human to see.

The Squeak Meeew!

This high-pitched squeak really gets you. This squeaky meeew sound of a kitten means that the cat is upset about something.

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