Cat Tattoo: Sport the Coolest Cat Tattoo Ever

Cat Tattoo: Sport the Coolest Cat Tattoo Ever

Cat Tattoo

Definitively, the coolest cat tattoo is the one of your beloved feline. It is like having your two favorite things to go with you: a fancy tattoo and your cat.

There might be many out there who criticize our love for cats. It is funny, though, since the connection between cats and humans go as far as the dawn of our civilization.  History tells about civilizations, most notably the Egyptians, who had cats in such high regard that they were worshipped as gods.

Cats represent a free spirit, independent, and intelligent beings. This is why men and women both love to have a cat tattoo to portray this. Besides this, cats are pretty lovely and cute. So, if you are cute and a free spirit, a cat tattoo would be a great way to express your nature.

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Simple Cat Tattoo

Tattoos that represent the outline of a cat are both nice and chic. You can place it behind your ear, on your heal. Japanese legends about cats say that these creatures are capable of switching a female’s demeanor. This explains why women are secretive and mysterious and a compliment as a free spirit.

Semi-Colon Tattoo

Think of a semi-colon. The comma represents the body and tail and the point is shaped as the head on top. You have probably seen these on the Internet. The semicolon usually represents a person who wanted to end their life but did not. It marks a new beginning, instead of a dot, which would mark an end.

Black Cat Tattoo

A black cat tattoo also looks pretty nice. Historically, black cats have been connected to witchcraft and demonology. So, why would anyone want to carry a black cat with them?  Black cats represent feminism, the liberation from male domination. They are also connected to sensuality and sexuality.

So, what cat tattoo are you getting yourself today? In Dogalize we can help you take care of your feline friend. Follow us to get updates on new practices to help you become the cat owner your pet deserves.