Dwarf Cat: What You Need to Know About he

Dwarf Cat: What You Need to Know About he

Dwarf Cat

A dwarf cat is any type of domestic cat that has the genetic condition known as dwarfism. These cats display symptoms of osteochondrodysplasia, which is a genetic disorder usually manifested as pretty short legs.

We will mention some important points of these cats for you to take into consideration if you own one. It might look like a dwarf cat is really cute but it comes with some challenges and complications.

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Characteristics of a Dwarf Cat

A dwarf cat is not a type of cat that is unusually small because, despite their minute size, they have a normal body to limbs proportion. The original dwarf cat is the Munchkin.

There is a controversy behind dwarf cats as well as ethical questions. Technically speaking, dwarfism in cats is a genetic mutation, even if it looks cute. Osteochondrodysplasia is only one type of dwarfism found in cats, with pituitary dwarfism and selective dwarfism being other two.


This is when a cat displays abnormal growth of both bone and cartilage, resulting in the absence of healthy grown bone and skeletal deformities. This deformity will produce a cat with very short legs on a normal-sized body.

So far so cute? This condition also produces a curved spine, bow-legged stance, and a slightly unproportionate head. These types of cats have the potential for other health problems, including heart and lung defects, neurological issues, and some mobility issues.

Pituitary Dwarfism

These ones are extremely rare. In this case, the cat’s pituitary gland cannot produce enough growth hormone. Unfortunately, cats born with this condition will have a myriad of health conditions. They will look like the runt of the litter and will suffer from very slow development when compared to their siblings. Because so many organs are affected by the growth hormones, these cats will not have a long life.

Selective Dwarfism

As the name suggests, this is the type of dwarfism that is induced by breeders in a cat in order for it to make it appear cute. Unfortunately, it brings about all the other conditions with it. This is why the munchkin cat is considered unethical as a cat is being purposefully submitted to a life of pain only for the sake of making a profit.

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