Fat Dog: do you have a fat pet? Here’s What You can Do

Have a Fat Dog? - Here's What You can Do

Fat dog

Just like in humans, being a dog and overweight is not a healthy choice. But how can you tell if you have a fat dog at home? Try to locate his ribs. You should be able to touch them through the thin layers of skin and muscle. If you cannot find them, then you should be taking measures to help your pup lose weight.

A fat dog has a higher risk of developing diabetes in dogs, arthritis in dogs, high blood pressure, heart issues, and many forms of cancer. Here are some things that you can do to help your pooch shed some pounds.

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Fat dog: Check with your vet

Before attempting anything, it is probably better to ask your veterinarian. There could be a medical condition causing your dog’s obesity, in which case, whatever you do might prove ineffectual.


This is probably an obvious one. But take it slow. Start with brisk and short walks around the neighborhood or the park and you can gradually increase it. Is it raining or snowing outside? Try some activities indoors that involve your dog moving not vigorously but constantly.

Measure the calories

Do not let the guide on the bag of dry food guide you religiously. That measure is for normal weighted and active dogs. If you are giving your fat dog the suggested portion there, you are probably feeding him 20 or 30% more than what he actually needs.

Here’s a formula you can use to calculate the amount your dog needs in his diet. Divide your dog’s weight by 2.2 and multiply this number by 30. Add 70 to the resulting number and you will have an idea of the number of calories you should be feeding a couch potato like your dog.

Measure the meals

Guesstimating” the amount of food your dog needs is also not a good idea. Dogs simply love to eat and they will just gobble up the entire bag of food if you let them. But then, there is an estimate that if you add an extra 10 nibbles of the correct amount, you will be increasing the weight of your dog up to a pound per year.

Be safe with your dog and feed him correctly. Here in Dogalize, you will find plenty of information on how to properly feed your pet. Because a healthy dog is a happy dog, we can help. Visit us to learn more.