Cat Birthday: the many forms of the Cat Birthday

Cat Birthday: the many forms of the Cat Birthday

Cat Birthday

Yes, it is memes again. The internet is cramming with them and we just can’t get enough of them. Cat birthday or a birthday cat refers to cat meme where a cat is celebrating their birthday. As simple as that.

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Origin of the Cat Birthday

There is no true origin of cat birthday and the truth is that there are many photos of birthday cats out there. All it takes is to take a picture of a cat with a birthday hat and a cake and, bam!, to memeworld it goes.  Well, maybe it is not that easy but that is how it all starts.

In the United States alone there are more domestic cats than there are dogs. This means that people are really fond of their feline friends. They are a part of the family and as such, they ought to be celebrated.

This includes a celebration of every year that they add to their seven(?) lives. Cats get to live longer than dogs on average so that is a lot of birthdays and a lot of potential pictures. In order for such photo to become a meme, it must be pretty awesome!

The many forms of the Cat Birthday

Since there are so many cat birthday parties taking place out there, it is hard to pinpoint how many are taking place. But one thing is for sure and that is that owners are taking photos of the funniest moments and we can’t wait to have them and turn them into funny cat memes.

One thing that makes all these cat birthday memes a bit more hilarious is that cats do not seem to be that much amused. Take Grumpy Cat for instance. He is not having it with all the celebration. He just wants his normal life back without all the noise and cheers.

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