Cat’s Eye: Interesting Facts About the Cat’s Eye

Cat's Eye: Interesting Facts About the Cat's Eye

Cat’s Eye

A cat’s eye is really an interesting piece of engineering and light perception. There are so intriguing that they are the source of many myths and stories. Are they nearsighted? Or farsighted? Can they see in the dark? Are they colorblind?

Let’s check out some facts about the cat’s eye that we find pretty interesting and cool.

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Anatomy of a Cat’s Eye

If we look closely, we will note that the eyes of a cat are proportionally larger in relation to their body. Exactly behind the retina, there is a structure known as the “tapetum lucidum” which is like a mirror that allows light to bounce off of it. This is why the cat’s eyes shine when they catch a beam of light.

The cat’s pupil is elliptical during a time of light and it will enlarge to almost the size of the eye in the dark. But not everything about a cat’s eye is superpower-y. They have a blind spot area in the eye that makes them unable to see objects in front of them or right under their nose effectively.

The Interesting Facts

  • A cat’s vision is best at a distance of 2-3 feet (60-90 cm);
  • Cats are able to detect the slightest movement. This is why you might see your cat just staring blankly at the wall. Don’t worry, he did not see a ghost, it’s probably that he saw a tiny spider swinging on his web across the wall;
  • Cats only need 1/6 of the amount of light that we humans need to see clearly;
  • Cats cannot see in total darkness, it’s just that they have more cone cells in the retina that enables them to capture more light;
  • The pupil of a cat’s eye opens and closes faster than a human, therefore, they can more easily adjust to changes in light intensity;
  • Cats are not colorblind. They are just better at some hues than others. For instance, they are good at perceiving blue but not so much with red.

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