Big Cats as Pets: 7 Reasons Why You Should not Keep them

Big Cats as Pets: 7 Reasons Why You Should not Keep them

Big Cats as Pets

You have probably seen viral pictures of Arab princes carrying tigers or leopards on a leash. These big cats actually accentuate the image of lavishing lives they live. This probably made you want to have one as a pet, if you can afford one, that is.

For starters, big cats are not pets. Yeah, they look beautiful, cute, and cuddly. However, cuddling is the last thing these felines want or need. If you do not want to feel guilty or bad at not being able to purchase a big cat, don’t worry, here are five reasons why keeping big cats as pets is a bad idea.

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They Spray

Just like regular cats who will mark their territory with their pee, so do big cats. The only difference is that these big guys actually spray a rather big sprout. Now, do you think you have what it takes to break a tiger or a leopard and have them go potty? They are not domestic animals after all.

They Like to Scratch Too

Big cats will scratch at whatever they find. They also have the instinct of scratching stuff. Just like a housecat, they will scratch your furniture, your walls, and you! Needless to say, the claws of a tiger will literally destroy your furniture one seat at a time.

They are Expensive to Have

Not only when it comes to food will a big cat be expensive. Consider all vet expenses (this is an exotic cat, after all), teeth care, plus holding in the house. Just for you to have an idea, rescue organizations spend around $10,000/year per cat. Tigers can live up to 20 years!

Exercise Needs

If you really want to meet the exercise needs of a big cat, you must take them on very long walks. Tigers can walk thousands of miles!

Massive Loads of Turds

Be ready to clean large amounts of poop in your yard. These massive beasts will produce an equivalent amount of feces. Once again, do you think you can potty-train them?

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