Red Dog: An Inspiring Story Based on True Events

Red Dog: An Inspiring Story Based on True Events

Red Dog

Dogs are amazing creatures capable of unsurmountable deeds for the sake of their masters. They are loyal, dedicated, and overall loving. This is the story of Red Dog, a dog that united an entire community while roaming all over Australia searching for his long lost master.

The film Red Dog is a comedy-drama family movie starring Koko as the main title character. Other actors include Josh Lucas, Rachael Taylor, and John Batchelor. The primary source of the movie is the novel Red Dog, written by Louis de Bernieres. This film was released in theaters on August 4 2011.

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The film begins in 1971 in Dampier, Western Australia. A truck driver arrives to town and sees a group of men and one of them with a gun. Believing that it is a murder, Thomas, the truck driver, decides to move to the other room. That is where he notices that they are deciding on putting down an apparently sick dog, played by Koko.

Since they cannot come around euthanizing the dog, the men return to the bar where they all share their story with the dog, Red Dog. Each one has their own story but they all explain to Thomas that the dog did not really have a real master.

But one day, an American named John Grant, played by Josh Lucas, a bus driver for Hamersley Iron becomes Red Dog’s master, by the dog’s request. John falls in love with Hamersley Iron’s secretary Nancy, played by Rachael Taylor. After two years living in Dampier, John proposes to Nancy.

On the night of the engagement, John tells Red Dog to stay and wait for him until he returned from Nancy’s caravan. But on the way John suffers an accident with a kangaroo and gets killed.

The Dog Searches for His Master

Due to the shock and the funeral, everyone forgets about the dog. They find him on the spot where John asked him to wait. Eventually, the dog starts looking for his master all over Dampier and then moves on to look for him all over the Australian Northwest Pibara region, from Perth to Darwin.

When grief finally catches him, he decides to go back to Dampier. When he returns to the caravan, Nancy is overwhelmed to see him, but he is not allowed in the caravan. Nancy and John’s friends then take him to Dampier.

Back to the present, someone proposes that they should erect a statue for Red Dog, which is more representative of the town than William Dampier. Amidst the celebration, nobody notices that the dog has walked away. When they do, they look for him all over the place until they eventually find him dead lying in front of John’s grave.

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