Turkish Angora Cat: Characteristics, Personality and Care

Turkish Angora Cat: Characteristics, Personality, and Care

Turkish Angora Cat

The Turkish Angora cat is a rather stubborn cat that melts our hearts from its charm and beauty. They are sometimes referred to as simply Angora or Ankara Cat.

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The Angora cat takes his name from the Turkish city of Ankara, which was formerly known as Angora. These were probably the first longhairs to arrive to Europe and for centuries they have been an attraction to visitors or invaders to Turkey.

There is a theory that states that Vikings brought them from Turkey over a thousand years ago.  The Cat Fanciers Association did not seek their recognition but until the mid-1960s.  The breed is now recognized by most cat associations in North America.

Physical Characteristics

The Turkish Angora cat has long and silky coats on a sinuous body. A white coat is their most characteristic but they can display other colors. They also come in tabby and tabby-white. There are some others that come in lavender, chocolate, or even black. This small- to medium-sized cat can weight from 5 to 9 pounds. Their eyes can be green, amber, yellow, blue, or heterochromatic.


The first thing that people probably notice in the Angora cat is his athleticism. Next, they get surprised by their intelligence. This is one very active cat. Boisterous, clever, and always entertaining, there is no shelf high enough for this cat. He keeps his kittenlike playfulness well into older age. He is affectionate and devoted to his family.

Caring for an Angora Cat

Because of the personality traits listed above, the Turkey, as he is sometimes called, can be a challenge to live with. You must have a sense of humor to match his. His single coat is not that hard to groom since there is no undercoat so no tangles form. Brush him once every week. He does not really shed that much.

If you are lucky to own a Turkish Angora cat, we can help you take good care of him. In Dogalize we have all the resources that you need to keep your kittie happy and well. Visit us to learn more.