Why do Dogs Lick? Communication is one reason

Why do Dogs Lick? Communication is one reason

Why do Dogs Lick?

Dogs are animals of instincts and they will always follow them. Licking is one of such behavior patterns that dogs follow. So if you are wondering why do dogs lick, you must understand the cause of it. There are several reasons why dogs lick us, other dogs, and themselves.

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Communication is one reason of Why do Dogs Lick

When the puppies are born, licking is the first form of communication of the mother.  This is how she stimulates them to start breathing and cleans them, so it is very important for their survival. For most of the time, puppies will carry on this survival instinct and lick on their humans or other dogs. In a pack, the subordinate dogs will lick on the most dominant ones, which is a good thing for the harmony of the pack.

We Just Taste Good

You have probably noticed that the licking is more frequent right after you have been on a run and are sweaty. A dog will lick on you because you simply taste good. It’s like when they are licking their bowl right after eating. Dogs enjoy the salt in our bodies.

To Help Healing

When you ask why do dogs lick, consider that their saliva contains enzymes that help to the healing process of wounds. When dogs lick themselves, they help remove dead tissues and dirt from the wound. But if a dog does it for too long, he might actually reopen the wound.


Speaking of licking excessively, if you notice that your dog is licking himself on the same area compulsively, you might want to check with your vet. Although licking is a relaxing activity, too much of it is a sign of stress and that just makes it worse.

To Groom Themselves

Just like cats do, dogs also lick themselves for grooming. Contrary to what you might think, dogs are concerned about their hygiene.

They Show Affection

This is the most common reason to why do dogs lick. When your dog is licking out of affection, it helps him release pleasureable endorfins. If you want your dog to stop obsessing over it, simply walk away and ignore them. Your dog will learn that licking you causes you to leave which is exactly what they don’t want.

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