Adding a new puppy to the family: what to consider

Adding a new puppy to the family: what to consider

Adding a new puppy to the family

Bringing a new member to the family of furries is always exciting. If you are planning on adding a new puppy to your pack, there are some things you should consider. The first one probably being you having the financial liberty to do so. Remember that a pet is an investment that will not give you money in return, only hugs and a lot of love. This is more than enough for many but only if they have enough means to make money elsewhere.

But then, what is the fun of having only one dog, right? They could use the company of someone of their own species. But before adding a new puppy to your family, please consider the following before taking the big step.

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Think about the Dog you Already Have at Home

If you have a senior dog at home, you might make both the dog and the puppy’s life miserable. On the other hand, 12-year old dogs can still be rambunctious and would actually enjoy having a baby brother. Bottom line: consider your dog’s personality before adding a new puppy.

Consider Fostering

No, it is not a crazy idea. It is actually a great idea that will help you and your dog to test a potential new member of the family before making a lifetime commitment. If it does not work, you will at least have the satisfaction of helping a pup through their journey towards a permanent home.

Meet the dogs in neutral territory

So, you have already made your choice and now it is time to introduce the new puppy to Fido. Dogs are very territorial and bringing a pup home all of a sudden will feel like an invasion to Fido. It is best if they meet up at the park, a friend’s backyard, or even at the shelter where you are getting the new dog. Make sure they walk side by side for some time before getting home. This aspect of socialization is important for the success of their relationship.

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