Homemade cat food: preparing the best cat food

Homemade cat food: preparing the best cat food

Homemade cat food

If you want to try homemade cat food, here are some ideas of things you can try. Because cats have certain nutritional needs that can be best met when you feed them food made in your kitchen. So, let’s see what are some nutritional requirements of your cat.

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Nutritional requirements of your cat

Cats are carnivores and, as such, will not go for fruits and vegetables the way dogs do. Carbohydrates found in rice and corn will work to feed him but they are not necessary for his diet. Maybe a bit will help the cat get some useful energy. Plus, adding some carbs will reduce the budget for homemade cat food.

When planning for this homemade cat food, consider that cats need:

  • Protein from meat or fish;
  • Fatty acids;
  • Vitamins;
  • Minerals;
  • Water.

Raw Cat Food

Feeding your cat raw food has its benefits but it also has some risks. All experts agree, though, that the risks outnumber the benefits. The American Animal Hospital Association warns against the risk of salmonella poisoning to both the cat and humans living in the same household.

Other factors to consider with raw homemade cat food is the risk of zoonotic disease (disease passed from animals to humans) transmission, food safety, and contagion. If you ask a veterinarian they would either rule out feeding your cat raw food altogether or advise you to be careful. If you are careful with the food you feed your cat and are sure about the hygienic circumstances of the food, then you can be clear with the raw food.

Cooked homemade cat food

There is little evidence against cooked food, or in favor for that matter. As a matter of fact, some experts even warn about the risks of feeding your cat with homemade food because this does not ensure that they are getting the proper amount of nutrients.

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