How to calm a dog: let’s take a look at some techniques

How to calm a dog: let's take a look at some techniques

How to calm a dog

If your dog is in hyperactivity, scared, or stressed, the most important thing is to make him stay calm. Let’s take a look at some techniques on how to calm a dog. Probably your first instinct as a human is to coddle and to hug, but there are some other ways to handle the situation. Follow these steps into calming a dog that needs to be at peace.

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Recognize body language

It is important to recognize a dog’s body language. This is complex and sometimes can be misinterpreted because there are no definite universal signs and every dog reacts differently.

Some common signs of an anxious dog to look at are:

  • Hunched body posture
  • Shaking/shivering
  • Dilated pupils
  • Sweaty paws
  • Ears held downward or slightly backward
  • Furrowed brow

Understand what causes your dog’s behavior

To know how to calm a dog, show some empathy for your friend. If your dog is afraid of thunder, another person, a loud sound, or a particular place, you will notice it. Try to put yourself in your dog’s place. How would you react if something unexpected happened to the world you are used to?

Try to reduce the source of anxiety

Hugging a dog does not really do the trick. The best line of action here is to remove the source of anxiety. If there is a person in the room making your dog anxious, remove the dog from such room. Turn up some calm music to mask out the sound of fireworks.

If your dog turns to his crate, put him in there and cover it with a blanket to muffle the sounds that are scaring him. Remember, the method you use will depend on what is making your dog anxious or frightened.

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