Cat Behaviour Problems: what is the cause of such behaviour?

Cat Behaviour Problems

Cat Behaviour Problems

As you know, cats are a body of mystery. They are so confusing sometimes that is it hard to keep up. Why are they scratching my furniture? Why is he not using his litter anymore? Why do they have to push stove off the counter? What is up with cat behaviour problems?

In order to work with cat behaviour problems, we must know what is the cause of such behaviour. Experts have been able to determine, to some extent, what stimuli in cats make them behave the way they do. It is impossible then, to document how these stimuli/response pair works, but we can speak in general terms.

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The cat no longer gives attention to the litter

This means that the cat has dismissed the cat litter and prefers to stay on your comfortable furniture in the living room. Besides that, you will wind up having urine and faeces all over your house. Make sure the sandbox is always clean; cats hate a dirty or wet litter.  If you have more than one cat, make it one litter per cat. Cats enjoy privacy so place this litter in a private location and always keep it neat.

Aggressive towards other cats

A cat that comes from the veterinary can suffer attacks from the ones at home. If we understood how important scent is to cats, we would know that bringing a scent from another place can be upsetting.

The cat who stayed home attacks violently and the attacked one reacts defensively. This gets worse if the incoming cat is already stressed from the visit to the vet, is unhappy for having to travel in the car or is recovering

Prevent these cat behaviour problems by rubbing off the cat with a sock after the visit to remove the smell. When arriving home, place the cats in separate rooms and try to rub the incoming cat with a sock filled with the scent of the staying cat.

These are only some cat behaviour problems that you might have to deal with. Follow us here in Dogalize and learn from the experiences of cat lovers like yourself. Visit the site and check out everything we have in store for you.