Cat grass – everything you need to know

Cat grass - everything you need to know

Cat grass

Biting on grass is a routine activity in the life of your cat. If he lives outdoors, chances are he will be nibbling on the flower of a plant. If your cat spends most of his time indoors,  consider getting cat grass in your home.

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What is cat grass?

Not to be confused with catnip, which is a member of the mint family, cat grass is usually grown from rye, barley, oat or wheat seeds. At your local store, you will probably find a wide variety of cat grass, which you can buy along with the pot, the soil, and seeds.

Keeping a plant inside your house is safer than having one outdoors since this can contain toxins caused by pest treatment chemicals. Keeping a plant inside the house also provides your cat with a healthier alternative to nibbling on other houseplants and flowers, which can be toxic to him.

Why do cats eat grass?

The fact that cats eat cat grass is not really clear. Cats usually do this after they have hunted and eaten their prey to make themselves vomit. Some believe that this is nature’s way of equipping the cat with a mechanism to get rid of the unwanted parts of the cat food he just ate.

Even when a cat lives indoors and is fed food and has never hunted for mice, he will go and eat cat grass. Why is this? Experts agree that the behavior is instinctive. Cat grass is also a form of fiber that helps cats throw up hairballs or digest them by acting as a laxative.

How to grow cat grass

If you buy a kit at the store, it will probably include everything you need to grow the plant. Follow these basic tips if you are growing:

  • Seeds must be kept damp and never soaked.
  • Seeds will sprout in three to seven days.
  • After this time, reduce the amount of water but keep it in natural light.
  • Do not overwater; this causes mold.
  • Allow your cat to eat straight from the container.
  • When your plant begins to wilt or turn color, plant a new container.

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