Cat grooming: how to do it and what it involves

Cat grooming: how to do it and what it involves

Cat grooming

Cat grooming is more than just making your cat look good. This is an opportunity to bond with your cat and make him feel he is safe when with you. A cat will look and feel great after a good grooming session. We will be going over all the aspects involved in a good cat grooming. Let’s take a look at how to groom your cat properly.

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How to perform a good cat grooming

Most of the time, cats can come in two types of coats: short and long. For short-haired cats, comb them once every week with a fine-toothed metal comb. Use a rubber brush as well to get rid of any dead hair. Gently comb your cat’s hair in the direction it grows. Use a bristle brush to lift up the hair and then smooth it down again.

If you have a long-haired cat, you should take extra care since these cats’ hair has a greater chance of matting. So you must comb their hair daily or at least every other day. If you find a knot, you can easily remove it with your fingers or you can cut it with blunt-tip scissors.

Be very careful not to cut too close to the skin at the risk of actually cutting your cat. Be especially careful if your cat has the tendency of being too active and is hard to pin down. If you find cat grooming difficult due to an uncooperative cat, then try offering cat food treats or talking reassuringly while stroking him. When the cat’s attention turns to the treat, start her grooming session.

Bathing your cat

If your cat’s skin and fur feel oily or if it got really dirty somewhere, cat grooming also involves bathing. Once you are done with the hair grooming, it is time to give him a good bath. Gently massage your cat with the soap from head to tail. Take a look at this article for more information on bathing your cat.

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