Cat Tail Talk: what is your cat trying to say

Cat Tail Talk: what is your cat trying to say

Cat Tail Talk

Cat tail talk is something that cat owners should have ever-present. A cat’s tail is one of the fascinating things in a feline. It is made of many tiny bones and it represents 10% of the cat’s bone structure. But cats use this part of their anatomy to communicate and to display their emotions. Check out the following cat tail talk guide to better understand what is your cat trying to say.

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Tail between legs

This is almost a universal demonstration of being scared. Your cat might be anxious or scared of something or someone. Do not approach your cat all of a sudden as you might startle him since he is in alert mode.

Flagpole Tail

When a cat has their tail straight up, it is usually a sign that he is relaxed, happy, and approachable. In cat tail talk, even though this represents a flag for peace, it does not mean that you are invited to pet him but some rubbing is appreciated.

In some instances, the cat has the tail straight up and bends it at the tip. This is a sign that the appreciates you and is in a loving mode. So, he is probably saying something like, “love me, human!”

Flicking tail

If the cat is flicking its tail repeatedly, he is probably annoyed. You do not want to get anywhere near an angry cat as he will attempt to scratch the life out of you.

Quivering tail side to side

A tail quivering side to side, without going up or down demonstrate an interest in whatever it is that he is looking at. It is not that they are excited, it’s just their way to show it.

A very cautious cat

When cats become cautious they tend to have a certain poise. Thiei stance is stiff and their tail is behind their legs. The can sense the danger and want to stay as far away from it as they can.

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