Cat water fountain: What you should know

Cat water fountain: What you should know

Cat water fountain

More veterinarians are now recommending you get your cat a cat water fountain. This is a better option for your pet as it promotes good health. In this article, we will see why and we will take a look at some considerations to have when purchasing one.

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Why running water?

More veterinarians are now convinced that cats like running water. This ensures that they drink enough water. In the wild, moving water is the best choice for animals as opposed to still waters which can be a breeder for harmful bacteria.

By instinct then, cats prefer running water. Drinking enough water is important for cats to sustain a healthy life. It is almost guaranteed that with a cat water fountain, your cat will drink more water, keeping her healthy.

Many times, cats do not drink sufficient water when this is placed in a bowl. If this is your case, then you should consider a cat water fountain.

What to consider when choosing a cat water fountain

When going to the store, there are certain aspects that you want to consider:

  • The material they are made of. This has to do with keeping it safe. A plastic fountain will eventually have some scratches on it. These become breeders for harmful bacteria. Metal and ceramic fountains eliminate this issue;
  • Filtration. There are basically two types of filtration; the mechanical one is a foam or sponge filter and chemical, which is one containing activated charcoal;
  • Ease of cleaning. If you do not have much time to clean your cat’s fountain, then get yourself one that is easy to clean;
  • Your cat’s coat. If a cat is hairy, they usually do not want to get their fur wet. For these cats, make sure the fountain gives them the ability to drink from a stream;
  • Price. Depending on the quality you are looking for, fountains usually range from $20 to $150.

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