Cats lick people’s hair: why cats wash your hair

Cats lick people's hair: why cats wash your hair

Cats lick people’s hair

Have you ever wondered why do cats lick people’s hair? It happens every time. Your feline friend has spent a good half hour bathing himself. Then he sees that you are lying down on your bed and proceeds to “wash” your hair too. If your kittie is feeling artistic, he might even groom your hair with his paws.

There are several reasons into why do cats lick people’s hair. Reasons could include affection or just marking territory for other cats. We will take a look at some possible reasons. Now, you must be careful about your cat licking your hair, as he might end up with a ball of hair in his mouth.

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To show affection

When your cat approaches you and starts licking your hair, this is usually a sign of affection. This is his way of saying that he trusts you and that you are part of his family.  So, he proceeds to lick your hair just as he would do with his cat cousins or other members of his feline family. Thank your cat by showing him some petting affection or by playing with him. He just gave you a good bath!

For Cleaning

This is how cats clean themselves to remove dirt and grime. So, it only makes sense that your cat wants to make you a favour by removing these as well. You are very welcome.

To mark territory

When you come home from a long journey, you smell like sweat, or at least different. Your cat has to go and lick your hair so that you smell like him again. This way, he will go back to sitting comfortably with you. Also, in case there is another feline roaming around, he has you marked so that other cats will know that you are already owned by a cat.

To consider

It actually feels nice to have your cat lick your hair and it will not fall off. Now, if you usually use gels, special shampoos, or have used any hair-treatment chemicals, you should not let your cat lick your hair. Imagine your cat ingesting all these dangerous chemicals. Besides this, he could end up with a wad of hair in his stomach that he would eventually vomit.

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