Everything behind the Cheshire cat smile

Everything behind the Cheshire cat smile

Cheshire cat smile

If you googled this term, you probably got as a result, a song or album named that. While we will not go through the details of why this band decided to call their son that, we will go through what the Cheshire cat smile is and where does it come from.

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The origin of the Cheshire cat smile

It all starts in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventuress in Wonderland. While trapped in there, Alice has an encounter with the Cheshire cat, a cat that tends to disappear in parts, leaving only his smile behind him. Hence, the Cheshire cat smile.

If you want to know about the song, too, the Cheshire Cat Smile song was released in 2006 by an English indie rock band named Milburn.

But the obvious reason why we mention the Cheshire cat smile is that, well, it is a cat and we love cats! But it turns out that the smile did not end with the story. There is another application of it.

“Smiling like a Cheshire cat”

One characteristic of the smile is that it is pretty ample and wide. In popular culture, it is said that a person smiles like a Cheshire cat when their smile is pretty wide. So, you can say “why are you smiling like a Cheshire cat?” The smile is usually associated with mischief or creepiness, both traits that were perhaps possessed by the cat in Caroll’s story.


Although the Cheshire cat is a “supporting actor” in Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, the cat transcends the pages of the story and has become an expression of modern culture all by himself. So now we find him and his smile in the media, from political cartoons to television shows. The Cheshire cat smile will definitively stay in the mind of readers for a very long time.

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