How to get a dog to like cats: face some issues

How to get a dog to like cats: face some issues

How to get a dog to like cats

If you have a dog and you are planning to bring in a cat, you might face some issues. But there is hope, it just requires some patience and dedication. Today, we will learn how to get a dog to like cats.

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Be realistic and lower your expectations

No matter how cute you think the new kitty is, you should not expect your dog to feel the same. Trying to force a cat into a dog all of a sudden can cause an impact of unpleasantness on both, and since the first experience is the most important, erasing the memory of a bad encounter will be really hard to erase.

In fact, experts agree that if a dog barks to a calm, sitting cat, there is no way that these two animals will ever get along. Both animals will live in a constants state of stress and alertness. This is a no fair way of living.

The first thing you should know is to always assume that the encounter will not be peaceful. So, you need to do some previous training with your dog. If possible, take your dog around a cat from the neighborhood. His first instinct at the sight of one will be to chase him. Teach him not to do so.

Start them Young

Another tip on how to get a dog to like cats: start them young. Studies and experience have shown that dogs and cats that grow up together are less likely to start a feud. If you already have a grown-up dog, consider a kitten instead of an adult cat. Dogs tend to react less violently to a small kitten.

Use Rewards

A reward marker is a clicker that some professional trainers use. This clicker is a way of telling dogs they have behaved properly and they will be getting a treat for it. This stimulates the dog to want to do the operation again since it earns him a reward. It becomes pretty useful when you need to train how to behave in front of a cat.

Don’t let your dog chase the cat

If you encourage or let the dog chase after the cat, he will learn that this is a fun activity to do that you approve. Be firm whenever you see that your pooch is poised to chase the cat. Train him to understand what “quiet” means.

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