How long are dogs pregnant? A dog’s gestation period

How long are dogs pregnant? A dog's gestation period

How long are dogs pregnant?

If you are in line waiting for puppies to fill the litter, then you are in luck. Unlike many mammals, humans included, the gestation period of a dog is actually much shorter. But, how long are dogs pregnant?

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How long are dogs pregnant? Dog’s gestation period

Female dogs tend to go in heat, or estrus, twice a year. During this time, dogs release hormones that attract male dogs and primes them for gestation. They do experience some irregularities during their gestation period, however, unlike humans, dogs do not undergo menopause and stay fertile well into seniority.

Dogs spend at least two weeks in estrus, and she is ready for fertilization. There is, of course, no exact number as to how many weeks this takes place. In fact, the time will depend on the breed and size of your dog, but this is roughly 58-65 days or around two months. In average, how long are dogs pregnant falls within 63 days.

How to Know if your dog is expecting

As you already noted, when it comes to how long are dogs pregnant, that is a relatively short time. In some cases, pregnancy in dogs can go unnoticed by dog owners. So, what are the signs that your dog is a mother-to-be?

The most obvious symptoms of dog pregnancy are red, enlarged, or swollen nipples. But even this sign can get past you so you must have a keen, observant eye, especially since this is the same sign they have when in heat.

If you are looking for a swollen abdomen, you might be out of luck if you have a large dog. This sign will not become visible in these dogs until around three weeks into the pregnancy. Well into the pregnancy, the most obvious signs will be the change in size of her teats and lower energy and appetite.

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