Dog show: want to enter your pup to a dog show?

Dog show: want to enter your pup to a dog show?

Dog show

If you were planning to have your dog join a dog show, you would probably have to decide which one to take him to. There are so many of them out there and you signing up your pooch for one has more to do with where you are located and what are the requirements. Here are a list and a short description of some dog shows that happen all around the world.

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Conformation Show

Conformation show is the first thing that comes to mind when the term dog show comes up. It is also referred to as a dog breed show. In this dog show, a judge familiar with certain breed evaluates several competitors of the same breed to see which one conforms closer to the standards. It takes place in many locations around the world.

Obedience Trial

As the name suggests, in this dog show, dogs are must perfectly execute tasks they are commanded to do when directed to do so by their handler.

Dog agility trial

In this one, a handler directs a dog through a series of obstacles in a race course. Dogs are evaluated in both time and accuracy. The dog has to run by itself and not guided by food or any stimulant. So, the handler is limited to voice commands.

Field trial

In a field trial, hunting dogs compete against each other. There are field trials for pointers, retrievers, and flushing dogs. These events are usually organized by kennel clubs.

Sheepdog trial

This competitive dog show requires dogs to herd sheep through fences, enclosures, or around a field as instructed by their handlers.

Specialty show

A specialty show is like a conformation show except that it focuses on one breed only. So, dogs of a specific breed are reviewed.

Novelty show

The novelty show is a dog show that involves categories that are unconventional and/or comedic. Some examples of novelty classes are “dog with the most spots“, “dog in fancy dress“, “dog and owner look alike“, and some others like that.

Tracking trial

The performance of a dog is assessed by how well he can be guided by one of his most powerful assets, his smell.

The World’s Ugliest dog

This dog show is very popular and takes place every year in Petaluma, California. Basically, the ugliest dogs  from the United States and some international compete for the honor of being known as utterly horrific.

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