Terrier dogs: which ones are they? They vary in size and type

Terrier dogs: which ones are they?

Terrier dogs

When you think of terrier dogs, energetic and playful are two of the words that come to mind. This dog group includes specimens that were bred to hunt, kill vermin, and guard families. The AKC has registered 31 dog breeds of terrier dogs. They vary in size and type.

If you are planning on adopting a terrier dog, it is important for you to know that they make great pets. However, they need a determined owner because they can be stubborn.

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Long-haired terrier dogs

Because of their long hair, these breeds require some time and dedication to their hair to avoid matting. This means that you will be investing in regular visits to the pet grooming parlor. They are cute pets to have though and look so nice when they are walking around the house.

Long-haired terrier dogs include:

You have a long list to choose from. Now, don’t be afraid of these balls of fur shedding all over your house. Having a long hair does not represent shedding any more than having short hair represents not shedding at all.

Short-haired terrier dogs

If anyone were to describe terrier dogs, probably “lost of hair” would be the first thing to admit. But these lovely fellas do not sport a long hair like their relatives. Check out these cute pups:

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