Why do Dogs Chew on Shoes? Let’s find out!

Why do Dogs Chew on Shoes?

Why do Dogs Chew on Shoes?

Very few things are as frustrating as finding your loving puppy with your gorgeous shoes torn apart within his teeth. You have probably wondered why do dogs chew on shoes. Well, although it makes no sense for us humans, there are actually some reasons why they do it. And they are solid reasons.

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Boredom and Anxiety

A bored dog has excess energy that he finds the need to vent out. Chewing is one way of doing so. So he will walk around the house looking for something to nail his teeth into.  Provide him with proper toys for him to chew on when bored. Dogs will also chew out of anxiety due to separation and fear. It is important that they are placed inside a crate to provide the security he is craving.

Cutting Teeth

When dogs are teething, they will do anything to alleviate the pain that comes from it. At this time, they still do not understand limits, so whatever is in front of them, they will chew. This is a great time to teach your puppy about such limits and to provide him with the toys that he needs.

Attention Seeking

If you yell at your dog and spend some time at it when you discover him chewing a shoe, he will love the attention that comes from it. So why do dogs chew on shoes sometimes has to do with seeking attention. If your pup notices a stronger reaction of yours when he is chewing a shoe than when he is chewing on a toilet paper roll or anything else, they will always look for a shoe. Pet your dog when you see him chewing on his toy like he is supposed to. If you see him chewing on a shoe, just take it off and walk away.

They Love the Smell

A dog’s sense of smell is way stronger than ours. Turns out that a leather used chew might smell like dog food to pups. Plus, any shoe that you use smells like you, making it super appealing. Shoes pick up pretty much any scent from around and this could probably be a way for your pup to find out what have you been up to.

You now see there are valid reasons as to why do dogs chew on shoes. Follow us here in Dogalize to learn more about dogs and why they behave the way they do.  We have tons of amazing resources for your and your pet.