Adopt retired police dogs: here’s what you need

Adopt retired police dogs: here's what you need

Adopt retired police dogs

Just like police officers, police dogs also retire. Although many of them are adopted by their handlers, some of them are not. We encourage you to adopt retired police dogs. These are dogs that have spent the majority of their lives helping others and saving lives.

At the end of their police duty, they also want to have some peace, calm, and quiet and surrounded by a loving family. This family could be yours.

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Special Requirements to Adopt retired police dogs

Adopting retired police dogs is more arduous than adopting a regular dog. This is because the police station has to be sure that the home the dog is going to is appropriate enough. To ensure this, potential owners are interviewed and go through an inquiry process.

Do keep in mind that these dogs have been trained and are senior dogs. This means that considerations such as if you have small children or other pets at home must be made.  Most police dogs are German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers; which given their size, may or may not be kid-friendly.

You will probably be required for home inspection. Make sure all the members of your house are present when the inspector shows up. He will want to have a short interview with all the members of your family. Some agencies will not place a retired police dog in a house that has a cat in it, so this is one thing you must take into account.

How To

The first step to adopt retired police dogs is to contact your local police station and express your interest. If they do not give dogs in adoption directly, they will at least be able to point you in the right direction. Many times, the police station will make it public that some retired dogs have been approved for adoption.

The police station should be able to give you information on what are the specific requirements for adoption. This is how you make sure that your home meets the requirements. You must keep in mind that these dogs are trained to be active, so you should be able to provide this.

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