At what age do puppies start retrieving?

At what age do puppies start retrieving?

At what age do puppies start retrieving?

Having a retrieving dog is fun and enjoyable for both dog and human. But at what age do puppies start retrieving? Well, that will depend on some important factors. It basically has to do with genetics. But in general, all puppies can be trained to be retrievers.

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Born to retrieve

As explained before, some puppies are genetically built to retrieve. These dog breeds include Golden Retrievers and Labradors. So, if you wonder at what age do puppies start retrieving, for these puppies, this time is around five weeks, which is the time at which they are able to run and grab things with their mouth.

These dogs are capable of pretty much running to get something and bring it back even without a command. Dog training here must be aimed towards having these dogs retrieve only the things they are asked to when asked to.  Trainers recommend these puppies to be trained as soon as they are brought home.

Not born to retrieve

Most dog breeds were not born to retrieve, but for other purposes. You may start training your dog to retrieve objects when you start playing with him. This is at around eight weeks of age.

Now, in some cases, you should be patient as not all breeds were born to please humans.  Patience and perseverance are required in most cases. But sooner or later, if you apply the proper rewards, your dog will soon be bringing things at your command. He will learn that bringing that ball for you will earn him a good reward and it will be a good way to spend energy.

In Summary

Remember that, since the moment a puppy is born, he is already predisposed to a level of obedience. Some will love to please you while others will simply not be interested. So to answer the question, at what age do puppies start retrieving, the answer is five weeks for natural retrievers and around eight weeks for those who do not bring it natural.

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