Large cat breeds: 5 cat breed to check out

Large cat breeds: 5 cat breed to check out

Large cat breeds

Having a tiger as a pet is probably illegal where you live. Plus, these are wild animals who can out of the blue attack you or whoever lives in your household. Yikes! But then next best thing if you like large animals is large cat breeds. Check out these large cat breeds and pick your favourite.

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Maine Coon

Not only is one of the largest domestic cats but it is the most cuddly one!  If you are lucky enough to own one or at least see one, you will witness why are they so cuddly. These huge cats can reach a weight of up to 20 pounds, which is huge for a domestic cat.

The name of this cat breed gives away the place where this cat originated. But they have a downside and that is that due to their big size, they are more prone to heart disease.

Razas Felinas: Gato Maine Coon Caracter y Características

Egyptian Mau

These large breed cats can get to be very tall and very lean. Despite being long and lean, many samples of the world largest cat breed include some large-sized Egyptian MauThis breed of cat is so ancient in Egypt that they even appear in antique Egyptian art.

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Cat breeds: the Egyptian Mau cat characteristics and personality

Savannah Cat

This cat is long and lean, very much like the Egyptian Mau. Savannah cats are known for being active and adventurous. The first time we hear about them is in the 1980s.

gatto Savannah razze di gatti


The first time Siberian cats are ever heard of, according to TICA, is way back to 1000 years ago! This is, in average, the largest cat in existence. It is not uncommon for a Siberian, Russia’s national cat, to weight 25 pounds, but their weight is usually 15 and 20.

Siberiano: conoce a esta interesante raza felina


These humungous cats can reach a weight of up to 25 pounds. Their origin can be traced back to ancient Egypt. The Chausie is known for its athletic build and their love at interacting with people.

Cat breeds: the Chausie Cat , characteristics and personality

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