How to bathe a Persian cat: steps and tips

How to bathe a Persian cat

How to bathe a Persian cat

Bathing a cat is probably not on the list of fun activities, not in the cat’s list especially.  Fortunately, cats usually only require a monthly bath, or if they do not produce too much skin oil, every other month should be enough. Today we will be taking a look at how to bathe a Persian cat.

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Get the environment ready

A Persian cat is no stranger to hating water baths, so it is important that you start them early and get them used to the routine. In the case of a Persian, it will not hurt to have a monthly bath. If you take more time between baths, the cat will forget the routine.

If the weather is too cold, warm up the room where you are bringing the cat. Have all the materials you will be needing handy. Include a cat nail clipper to clip your cat’s nail before putting him in the water.

Steps in How to bathe a Persian cat

There is no specific way in how to bathe a Persian cat, but you could guide yourself through the following steps:

  1. Take your cat to a bathtub or a sink;
  2. Collect soapy water (water and the cat shampoo) in the tub or sink and start pouring it on your cat.  Do not actually pour the shampoo over the cat but dissolve it in water;
  3. Do this until the cat has had enough shampoo water;
  4. Replace the soapy water with clean water and start rinsing the cat. The Persian is long-haired so rinsing might take a longer time;
  5. Make sure you pour clean water on your cat until you are sure that all the shampoo is gone. You might want to make sure by rinsing him at least three times.

We do not recommend you to dry your cat’s hair with your hair blower. It is not good for your device nor it is for your pet. Use a Metro dryer with cool air to dry him nicely.

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