Cat collars: Types and what are they useful for

Cat collars: Types and what are they useful for

Cat collars

So you are looking forward to putting on a nice collar on your cat.  But cat collars come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, colors, and types.  Choosing the best one should not only obey to looks but to other important considerations.

Many cat owners usually only consider their own taste when browsing cat collars.  But you should prioritize your cat and what is more comfortable and practical for her to wear.  The very first recommendation we will make is to chip that collar.  That way, if your cat goes missing and is found, he can be scanned and traced back to you.

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Types of cat collars

Take note of some of the most popular cat collars out there

Collars with a bell

This is very popular option for a cat collar. The bell helps you hear what is your cat up to. Originally, the idea behind cat collars with bells fitted to them was to warn birds about a cat approaching. This also helps keep your yard free from birds instead of full of dead ones.

Flea Collars

You would use this collar if you suspect that your cat actually has fleas. When it comes to looks, it is not the best one. Collar fleas release a substance around the cat that kills fleas and ticks and prevents new ones from sticking to his body. Make sure to read the instructions before putting on one on your cat as they might cause your cat’s skin to irritate.

Breakaway Collars

These type of cat collars feature a buckle/clasp that breaks the link under excess pressure. This is to prevent your cat from chocking if getting stuck on a pole, a tree, a bush, or a fence.

What to Consider

The most important thing to consider is that the collar fits well around the cat’s neck. Not too tight as to choke him and not to snuggly as it might fall off. Whichever you choose, also make sure that you put an identification tag on it.

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