Dog Behaviour Problems? Causes and How to Solve them

Dog Behaviour Problems? Causes and How to Solve them

Dog Behaviour Problems

Whenever there are dog behaviour problems, there is usually a cause. Dogs do not misbehave out of whim like we humans do sometimes. Since there is always an underlying cause, there must be a solution for it. Check out the most common causes of dog behaviour problems and learn how to overcome them.

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Genetic Predisposition

Some dogs are already born with the tendency of misbehaving. This you can notice it when they are puppies in the mill. Usually, the one that is jumping over his brothers is the one that will probably be an issue in the future. Personality in dogs is also inherited from both parents. If parents are obedient, calm, and peaceful, puppies will most likely be. Try to meet the parents before adopting a little pooch.

Poor Socialization

From around 3 weeks to 3 months, puppies have a prime moment of malleability. This is the best time to socialize them so that they become good at making relationships. It is also important for them to know that certain sights, sounds, and smells are not threatening. Puppies properly socialized during this period are more likely to grow into calmed and well-behaved adults. On the other hand, pups that are not socialized properly will develop into misbehaving adults reacting badly to sound, environment, people, and other pets.

Dogs not trained enough

Poor training is another cause of dog behaviour problems. For some reason, people believe that dogs naturally know how to behave properly. Dogs will naturally behave based on their instincts. It is within the task of the owner to properly train their dog so that he can understand the difference between something that is “bad” and something “good.” Dogs need to be trained to behave the way they are expected to behave and this might take time, patience, and commitment.

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